Workshops to kick start change

We believe that in order for change to happen, people need to understand the problems facing the planet. Environmental Sustainability is a complex, multi faceted subject which often feels too big, too confusing and too difficult to understand. This is why we offer our clients a range of training sessions and workshops to support their teams in understanding the topic.

Why choose White Griffin?

Jargon free learning

Whilst we ensure that all of our workshops contain the appropriate technical knowledge, we steer clear of jargon and we ensure that everyone understands every aspect of the workshop from begin to end.

Inspiring content

97% of communication surrounding the environment is negative. We believe that in order to inspire change, we need to tell a story of positivity and possibility. Our workshops take participants on a journey through the reality of climate change through to hope for the future and what they can do to be part of the change.

Adaptable communicators

We understand that everyone learns differently, therefore as experienced communicators we ensure that we utilise a combination of visuals and auditory techniques to engage everyone in the group on an individual basis. We ensure that we allow enough time during the session for participants to asks questions, qualify their understanding and take the information in at their own pace.

Our training programmes

Our workshops and training sessions are interactive, enjoyable and inspiring. Participants can expect to come away from our sessions with a full, practical understanding of environmental sustainability.

Half day training session

An Introduction to Environmental Sustainability

We take participants through the core themes of environmental sustainability, the global and national context, and how organisations can address the challenges presented by environmental sustainability.

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Half day workshop

Developing your Environmental Strategy

We work with Board members, Senior Management Teams and green ambassadors to devise organisations’ environmental strategies; agreeing upon the ambitions, goals and objectives.

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Half day and full day workshop

Net Zero and your Carbon Footprint

The process for reaching Net Zero requires some technical knowledge and understanding. We support organisations with educating their teams on the steps required to be successful on the Net Zero journey.

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