Stakeholder Management & Communications

Good stakeholder management is the cornerstone of any successful project. We are communications specialists and we can support you with both your internal and external stakeholders through mapping and planning.

Often when people think about environmental sustainability, they go straight to carbon footprinting. We believe that stakeholder management and communications is a vital step before this takes place.

Nothing happens without the careful engagement of individuals who are both impacted by and impact upon the process. Therefore it is important that when considering any environmental sustainability project, we first consider the stakeholders involved and how we need to communicate with them.

We support our clients with understanding how to engage with a diverse and complex stakeholder map, ensuring that everyone feels included and informed from the outset. We hold focus groups to garner opinion and source solutions and where required, we undertake site visits and hold one-to-one meetings with key stakeholders to ensure engagement.

Communications incorporates a full spectrum of activity whether press announcements of the intention to undertake research, internal communications to staff of a new project, social media, website content, even posters and fliers around office buildings. We support our clients with building a comprehensive communications plan which is embedded at each stage of the project.

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