Where to Start

Want to do something about environmental sustainability but don't know where to begin? We can help you with getting a handle on the terminology, what makes sense to your organisation and thinking about next steps.

Environmental Sustainability is an important and complex process in any organisation. It can involve significant change across all aspects of operations and affects every department. Therefore it is important that before commencing any work on environmental sustainability, businesses need to establish ‘The Why.’

Every business has different reasons for wanting or needing to incorporate environmental sustainability into their strategy. These can be either a push from commercial relationships, customers and legal requirements, or a pull towards a desire to be more ethical, build resilience and meet strategic needs.

Whatever the end point, the journey will always be challenging and therefore it is important that everyone involved understands the motivations for change. When we are making tough decisions that have consequences for the business, everyone needs to be clear on the reasons why and be in agreement. Therefore we say that it is important to take some time at the beginning of the process to be clear on what your ‘Why’ is.

We do this through workshop sessions with Boards, Trustees and Executive Teams within businesses, working through the challenges of environmental sustainability specific to the organisation and ensuring that everyone is clear on the reason for driving forward.

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