Equine Sport and Horseracing Specialists

Within the sport sector, we specialise in equine sports and horse racing, providing insights to the industry at large.

We believe that the equine industry has a special role to play in environmental sustainability. Not only is horse racing the second largest sport in the UK, but equine sports enjoy participation of over 3 million riders for leisure. Therefore the ability for the industry to reach people en masse, educate and inspire behaviour change is significant.

Equally, the industry has a large footprint not just of emissions, but water usage, resources and waste. Therefore it is important that businesses and individuals work hard to reduce the negative impact of the sport on the environment.

Finally, as land owners, the equine industry are in a unique position to support biodiversity, both in support of nature but also in increasing carbon sequestration. Equine sports and horse racing represent the sport of the land and as such, have a considerable role to play in demonstrating effective stewardship.

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