Devising your Environmental Strategy

Have you decided that you want to embrace environmental sustainability but don’t know what to do and how to communicate your ambitions? Then contact us as this is our specific field of expertise.

Knowing where to start, what topics to choose, how it will impact upon the business, these are some challenging questions and it is important therefore that organisations galvanise their thoughts around a strategy that sits at the highest level within the business.

We support Management Teams with devising an environmental strategy that makes sense for their business, that answers ‘The Why’ and motivates staff to want to embrace change. Through a combination of carbon literacy training and business specific workshops, we develop a strategy that comes from the team and blends well with the existing priorities of the organisation.

We then produce your own Environmental Sustainability Strategy document in draft form, to be ratified by your Board, before completing a final version for you to use both internally and externally in accordance with a well thought through communications plan.

Becoming sustainably responsible

At White Griffin, we know every sustainability journey is different. That’s why we offer a range of services to suit your goals, and create a plan tailored to meeting them.

Where to start your journey

Helping you to understand where to begin on your sustainability journey.

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Stakeholder Management

Successful environmental sustainability projects begin and end with great communication.

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Baselines and Carbon Footprints

Once we have established your strategy, goals and objectives, it’s time to baseline your current footprint.

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Building a Roadmap

Once we have established your baseline, and we know what your goals and objectives are, we can create your roadmap.

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Ongoing Support

We can help you at any and every stage in the process to keep you on target to meet your objectives.

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