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White Griffin create flagship education project with the British Racing School

The partnership will enable the education of the whole British horse racing industry in the fundamentals of environmental sustainability

The partnership will enable the education of the whole British horse racing industry in the fundamentals of environmental sustainability

RELEASE: British Racing School to launch environmental sustainability training to support the British horseracing industry

The British Racing School (BRS) has announced a new training course covering all aspects of environmental sustainability in British horseracing will be launched in 2023.

The course will be available to everyone working in racing and will provide industry professionals with the information they need to understand environmental sustainability, how it impacts the sport of racing, and what they can do in their day-to-day work to mitigate the risk and minimise the impact of climate change.

Funded by the Racing Foundation as part of the BRS’ environmental sustainability programme, the course will be launched initially in-person at the British Racing School in the summer of 2023 and subsequently online. The online course will be available to the industry via Racing2Learn and other industry education partners.

The announcement of the course follows an independent report commissioned by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and funded by the Racing Foundation in 2022, where it was found that water shortages, impacts on ground conditions, equine disease and supply chain issues were just some of the risks that could threaten the future of horseracing as a result of climate change.

Environmental sustainability consultants White Griffin, who specialise in horse racing and equestrianism, will manage the project.

Andrew Braithwaite, Chief Executive of the BRS, said: “Educating our industry about the threats of environmental sustainability and supporting people in their understanding of how to adapt is now a key part of our education programme.

“This year the British Racing School celebrates turning 40-years-old.

“If the school is still to be educating students, jockeys, trainers and leaders of the industry in another 40 years, it is vital we play our part in addressing the issues surrounding climate change to safeguard the future of racing and the planet.” 

Rob Hezel, Chief Executive of the Racing Foundation, said: “We are heartened by the response from several racing organisations following White Griffin’s environmental sustainability in horseracing report that was funded by the Racing Foundation in 2022.

“It’s fantastic the BRS are one of those organisations that are making environmental sustainability a priority. 

‘We look forward to seeing even more individuals and organisations inspired to act through this work.”

Ruth Dancer, Director of White Griffin, said: “This is one of the most important projects we are delivering in 2023 because we know change will only happen when people understand not just the problem, but more specifically, tangible actions they can take to address the range of challenges.

“We have a passion for education at all levels within White Griffin and we are committed to supporting the British Racing School with delivering a course that will inspire, motivate, educate and empower people to act in their own workplaces.”

Key stakeholders and educational establishments within British Horseracing will be contacted as part of the project to ensure an industry-wide approach is achieved. Examples of best practice will be used within the course. Therefore, the BRS invite businesses and individuals to contact Ruth Dancer if they would like to share their insights at ruth@whitegriffin.co.uk. Additionally, educational providers and partners who are interested to hear how they might get involved with the course are encouraged to contact Ruth.

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